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Bruna Gribi Werner

Already in my earliest childhood I had discovered my passion for drawing. In elementary school drawing was a joyous act of creation for me - something that has always been important to me ever since then.

The desire to learn, motivated me to get to know the great masters, the classics – especially the surrealists and symbolists, whose expressive style attracted me increasingly and brought me to the decision to start with painting.

Gradually I discovered the work of great artists in galleries, exhibitions and museums. They stimulated me to express my feelings and thoughts. The wonderful works of established artists filled my soul and encouraged my emotions to emerge and inspire me.

Later on I discovered the technique of painting with oil on canvas. It took me a great effort to express my feelings on paintings. At that point my skills simply lacked in technique. With colours on the other hand, I managed with ease.

However I was persistent. Failure, destruction and new beginnings were a great part of my daily life. I never declared a painting finished when it did not mirrored my intended vision nor my emotions.

I never thought of taking part in an exhibition but I was invited to do so and I accepted:

  • 1977 first exhibition at the Gallery Arlequin in Bern

  • Sporadic exhibitions in public places

  • Specific orders by private clients

  • Refinement of painting techniques in various schools

  • 2011-2013 Collective exhibition of students in studio Attila Arbedo

  • 2013 Way of Art - International Art Trail.

In Ascona, the village where I grew up, I met Fred Werner (painter) and Henry Hunter (author). The group of artists at the gallery AAA and the movements of the Monte Verità (in 1970-1980) influenced my work a lot and gave me the incentive to keep on going.

Different events in my life forced me to take a long break. Luckily I had the opportunity to join the painting school of Nando Snozzi in Arbedo to expand my knowledge on materials and colours, as well as to take up my painting activities again.

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